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Austmine ESG Showcase Webinar

IPEX of X GROUP Technologies is proud to feature in the Austmine ESG Showcase Webinar - The Waste Free Mine on Tuesday 28th November 2023. Nanne Vegter, Process Consultant for Core IPEX, will discuss implementing novel ion exchange (IX) technology to recover valuable metals from low-tenor leachates from vanadium calcine waste dumps. Nanne joins other Austmine members who will showcase their latest technology and innovative solutions around expertise in waste-to-energy technologies, sustainable waste management practices, waste reduction strategies, resource recovery and reuse, circular economy models for mining, waste disposal and remediation. Date: 28 November 2023 Time: 3:00pm AEDT Register here #IPEX #XGROUPTechnologies #CoreIPEX #Austmine #ESG #Webinar #Mining #Sustainability #Vanadium #ValueRecovery


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