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Core IPEX VRB Electrolyte

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Three important refinements of the IPEX SMB IX technology were recently commissioned at our piloting facility in South Africa. These include demineralisation of process and eluent make-up water, expanded resin rinse facilities and process tweaks to further enhance eluate quality.

These further improvements promise ultra-pure pregnant solutions suitable for direct conversion to premium grade products such as VRB electrolyte. Early indications during ramp-up already confirms a major shift towards the ultra-pure objective which the IPEX team will soon be able to confirm in eluate composition after week or two of steady state operation.

IPEX SMB IX pilot plant

The three-stage demineralisation plant shown below is producing low conductivity make-up water of less than 10ppm TDS

Three-stage IX demineralisation pilot plant

The expanded IX rinse system allows multiple counter current rinsing of resin beds effectively removing any entrained salinity which is essential to ultra-pure eluates.

New rinse system

This novel capability promises VRB electrolyte produced at compelling cost from a range of secondary resources.


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