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Core IPEX Making Progress With Groundbreaking (“VRFB”) Electrolyte Development

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Core IPEX confirms its novel hydrometallurgical process at X GROUP research and development facilities in South Africa for producing high purity vanadyl sulphate for conversion to VRFB electrolyte.  Vanadium Flow batteries are attracting a lot of attention because of their ability of mass power storage, combined with their inherent simplicity of construction, use and safety. Core IPEX’s work is aimed at much improved processes to produce VRFB electrolyte to be used in these batteries. ​ Core IPEX’s work is currently producing vanadyl solutions at around 99.8% grade, with Na constituting 0.14% of total impurities. Recent investigations at bench scale showed Na levels may be further reduced to below 0.02% which will allow >99.9% purity electrolyte to be produced on a sustainable basis. Further pilot scale trials are planned from March 2020 and beyond to confirm improved control over Na levels.  ​ Complete demineralisation of make-up water into the ion exchange process will be incorporated into the upcoming trials to further reduce traces of chloride, calcium and iron. This further refinement promises vanadyl sulphate solution of even higher purities, closer to 99.99%. ​ Conversion of vanadyl sulphate to VRFB electrolyte will be carried out in the piloting facilities of Core IPEX located in the laboratories of Core Resources in Brisbane. The further processing includes vanadium and acid molar corrections as well as adjustments to V3+ and V4+ ratios by electrolysis. This novel approach promises premium quality electrolyte at a compellingly low cost compared to conventional processing alternatives. ​ X GROUP Technologies is focussed on processing secondary resources and effluents for recovery of metal values for conversion into valuable products. Its work in vanadium includes reprocessing hazardous vanadium tailings and process effluents, spent catalysts and fly-ash recovering remaining vanadium for conversion  into sodium vanadate for AMV and V2O5, potassium vanadate for catalysts, vanadyl sulphate for APV or VRFB electrolyte and vanadyl chloride for dual-acid VRFB batteries. ​ Core Resources provides services in all aspects of metallurgical testing, process engineering, flowsheet development and site process services for the global mining industry. Core has approximately 50 professional staff, including chemical and process engineers, metallurgists and chemists, many of whom are shareholders in the business. Core has a global client base reflecting the world class expertise of its staff.  ​ Core IPEX is a Queensland-based technology joint venture between the parties specifically for further refinement and commercialisation of X GROUP ion exchange technologies. ​ CONTACT DETAILS:

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