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Major Breakthrough at X GROUP Technologies

An important milestone was reached at IPEX Solutions with ongoing refinements to its ion exchange (IX) technology for processing secondary vanadium resources. The most recent innovation allows precipitation of a hydroxide-like compound directly from the IX strip liquors obtained under steady state and continuous pilot trials.

IPEX Solutions Pilot Plant

IPEX Solutions Pilot Plant

Our updated process offers several important advantages over conventional flowsheets;

  • no desilication is required prior to precipitation for improved yields and lower costs,

  • ammonium-free precipitation which further reduces cost and simplifies process controls,

  • hydroxide precipitate does not require deammoniation further simplifying the flowsheet,

  • precipitate roasts to premium grade V2O5 for specialised alloys and chemicals

  • compound highly soluble in acid for simplified preparation of VRB electrolyte,

  • barren filtrate suitable for direct recycling to IX with promise of a barren-free circuit,

  • absence of ammonia from calciner flue simplifies environmental authorisations,

  • two-step process reduces capital compared to primary AMV or APV circuits.

X GROUP Technologies Vanadium

X GROUP Technologies' Ultra-Pure Vanadium

The IPEX technology for processing secondary vanadium resources evolved over time, firstly to expand the range of viable inputs followed by a more diversified product range focused on improving robustness of our business model. The diagram below shows the range of secondary resources as alternative inputs together with the expanded product range that may be produced from such materials.

IPEX Solutions SMB IX


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